Congregational Leadership

Congregational Leadership

Harvard Avenue’s Congregational Leadership is comprised of three elected teams, who support the mission and vision of our church.

Executive Leadership Team

Diana Booren – Moderator
Kyle Simmons – Vice-Moderator
Allison Haney – Treasurer
Susan Hollingsworth – Secretary

Ministry Leadership Team

Jason Dent – Former Moderator
Shawn Lovejoy – Outreach Chair
Steve Ray – Personnel Chair
Jeff Kendall – Property Chair
Grant Moore – Stewardship Chair
Kathy Laptad – Member-at-Large
Sarah Linn – Member-at-Large
Barbara Cargill – Elder Representative
Cheryl Nelson- Elder Representative


Barbara Cargill – Chair
Cheryl Nelson
Susan Hollingsworth
Ryan Buchan
Meredith Howard
Kiley Roberson
Keenan Barnard
Doug Stuart
Dani Morgan
Ron Nofziger
Annette Murray
Andy McMillan
Bill Largess
Christy Southard
Mandy Fair
Laura Bryant
John Hawkins
Mark Weber


Ed & Denice Kurtz
Kenny & Mary Tolbert
Jim & Becky Gray
Mike & Amy Fouke
Cliff & Robin Lewis
Justin & Hannah Lollman
Jennifer Annis 
Dwight & Chris Beck
Scott & Marsha Grindle
Kaylee Dent
Sarah Dent
Larry Hollingsworth
Dan & Danna McWherter
Tyler & Erin Shirk
Bette Petersen
James Haney
Jayme Fowler & Sandy Carnes
Tony & Teresa Uth
Nancy Barton
J Hendricks
Craig & Janice Hannon
Stephen Clary
Sharon Regnery
Bruce & Marie Willey
Beverly East
Renda Chubb
Lisa Duckett
Marilyn Trout
Mike & Meredith Miller
Gayle Cude
Mark Hames
Craig & JoAnne Ames
Martha Blevins
Jan O’Connor
David Johnson
Julia Wood
Jennifer Weber
Bob & Sue Flint
Carrie Kitterman

Family Pastor Search Team

As we prepare to call a new Family Pastor to serve alongside our staff and congregation, a Family Pastor Search Team has been formed. The Family Pastor Search Team is comprised of the following members:

Dani Morgan, Chairperson
Leslie Armstrong
Diana Booren
Cathy Leonard
Sarah Linn
Andy McMillan
Danna McWherter
Kyle Simmons

The Family Pastor Search Team will be reviewing, interviewing, and selecting a candidate to present to the congregation to call as our new Family Pastor. You can learn more about the role of the Family Pastor and our vision for Family Ministry at Harvard Avenue Christian Church by clicking here.