Life Groups

Life Groups are where connections happen, friendships form, and faith grows.

Why Life Groups?

Did you know it takes 50 hours to make a new friend? 50 hours of continuous interaction and shared vulnerability is what it takes to form a connection and cement a relationship so that someone becomes more than a work colleague or casual acquaintance or a fellow church goer.

Life Groups

The vision Jesus has for us as disciples isn’t about just going to church with people we only casually know.

The vision Jesus has for us as disciples is about experiencing life together as friends with a shared faith and calling.

Experiencing life together is a meaningful and multi-faceted calling that allows us …

To laugh together.

To cry together.

To pray together.

To break bread together.

To read scripture together.

To grow together.

To be church together.

Harvard Avenue Life Groups offer an incredible opportunity to make friends, to build relationships, and cultivate community as disciples. Joining a Life Group is a low-stakes, high-reward commitment to finding at least 50 hours in your year to make friends who will become family. Life Groups are a foundational and flexible part of how we are learning to live and love like Jesus at Harvard Avenue.

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